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Shikha Shah – Founder of Scrapshala

Seeing my mother all creative and conscious about waste management, I realized how important recycling and sustainable lifestyle was. I completed my schooling from Varanasi after which I moved to Delhi for my graduation and post-graduation in Environmental science. I got placed in Reliance Foundation later where I got exposed to the rural sides of India and the ground level issues that we were stuck with. For me it was all very new and heartbreaking at the same time. Moving from an urbanized locality to a rural site, things weren’t easy. Around that time I got selected to IIT Madras for incubation where I did quite a lot of research.


Since I belonged to a conservative Marwari family being away from home for ten years was a big deal. So, I had to move back to Varanasi where the thought of Scrapshala knocked at my door and I made sure to make it home in me. I developed, organized and sorted it out. Initially, I began from home with my mother and a close friend by painting beer bottles. We distributed them to the nearby cafes. They really appreciated our idea and supported us. We were already motivated and just needed a push which fortunately we got.


It was very challenging at first to make small craftsmen and artisans understand the idea of manufacturing wonders from junk. Gradually, we managed to assemble a small group of artists and we all worked together and built lives out of rubbles. This not only employed hundreds of creative minds, skilled hands and hard-working souls but also helped people realize better and alternate ways of living.


We never say buy our products or one should use only our products but being a consumer one should know what is it they are buying and using. We started four years back in 2016 and today we are growing together painting black and white lives with magical colors. We provide DIY workshops on our products, all of which are eco-friendly and pretty much durable.


Earth is the home that we all share in grand universal singularity and somehow each of us is responsible in it’s well being. It’s just an initiative towards that big and ultimate step where you all are very welcome, always.

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